Our Stores

Our Stores

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We are glad to serve our customers from any of our following stores, or simply by contacting us via our communication channels.

Makkah Stores

Al-Setteen Store

Address: Makkah, Al-Stteen St. Near Samba Bank.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Shawqyyah Store

Address: Makkah, Al-Shawqyyah, Dr. A.Koshak St.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Bohairat Store

Address: Makkah, Al-Bohairat, Umm-Al Momeneen Aishah.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Sharayee Store

Address: Makkah, Al-Sharayee, M.bin Ba-sharaheel st.
Phone: 00966125202288

Al-Awalee Store

Address: Makkah, Al-Awalee, Ibrahim Jaffali St.
Phone : 00966507597218

Al-Azizyyah Store

Address: Makkah, Al-Azizyyah (North)
Phone: 00966507597218

Jeddah Stores

Al-Jamiah Store

Address : Jamiah distr, Near Al-Barakah medical center.
Phone : 00966507597218

Al-Naeem Store

Address: Jeddah, Al-Naeem dist, Al-Naeem St.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Safa Store

Address: Jeddah, Al-Safa, Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim St.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Salamah Store

Address: Jeddah, Al-Salamah dist. Saqr Qurish St.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Heraa Store

Address: Jeddah, Heraa Street, Near Heraa Trade Center.
Phone: 00966507597218

Al-Samer Store

Address: Jeddah, Al-Samer dist, Waheeb bin Omair St.
Phone: 00966507597218

Taif Stores

Address : Taif, Shehar Street, Phone : 00966507597218

Saudi Thobe Factory

Our Factory is located in the Industrial City of Makkah, Al-Umrah district. Please refer to the below Map for the location

P.O.Box : 1880
Postal Code : 21955
Street No. 6, Makkah Industrial City. Madinah Express Way. Makkah, Saudi Arabia.
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 966125202288 AND 9665203222000
Fax : 966125204553